With lemonade in hand, we then visited with some of the vendors: wow!  


There was so much on offer, it was hard to hold back!  

The vendor photo is from this blog.



While I did not find a Catarina that I wanted, I did find an artist from Lima, Peru, with the most perfect small figures!  I purchased two of Cluadio Jimιmez Quispe's awesome pieces:  Death and a calavera dog.

Death-Cluadio-Jimemez-Quispe.jpg (375148 bytes)Death-back-Cluadio-Jimemez-Quispe.jpg (246453 bytes)calavera-dog-Cluadio-Jimemez-Quispe.jpg (410807 bytes)calavera-dog-back-Cluadio-Jimemez-Quispe.jpg (291833 bytes)

click on the images above to see bigger pictures




We made our way around the picturesque lake towards the mausoleum and the "Cathedral Art Exhibit".  Glorious is all I can say!  The main corridor displayed a number of huge, impressive ofrendas dedicated to major events, such as the tsunami in Japan, the Boston Marathon explosion, the missing women of Chihuahua, etc... They were spectacular! 
























The details were touching...





All the side corridors were alive with art of all kinds!  Paintings, drawings, sculptures, all focused on the Day of the Dead!  They  lined the walkways in front of the final resting places of the mausoleum's residence.  The quality was exceptional, the creativity astounding!   I wish I had the house and the funds to take home and enjoy so many of these art works!  


(Look at that lady's costume:  love the pelvic arch and tail bone with the flounce!)




The Cathedral Art Exhibit included works by Jesus Molina • Jorge Del Toro • Lalo Garcia • Hector Silva • Sergio Vazquez • Carlos Nieto • Esau Andrade • Calixto Shibaja • Joe Saenz • Manuel Acosta • German Rubio • Ricardo Ortega • Inoe Vargas • Luis Villanueva








Here are a few of my favorites:  





















These three above are all by Manual Acosta, obviously a very talented person able to excel in different mediums.





Both by Lalo Garcia, as you can see the setting and particularly the lighting within the mausoleum was excellent for this material!






There were marigolds scattered on the floor and decorating the easels and tables, so lush and full on substantial stems, not like the flimsy things we grow back home in Canada.  















This rather more frightful piece is by artist Jesus Molina.  It reminds me of the Catacombs in Paris.












My favorite?  This sculpture by artist Inoe Vargas!  Stunning, isn't it?  The overall look of the piece is so eye-catching, and then the detail just draws you in.  Inoe was on hand and while he doesn't yet have a website you can find him on Facebook.












Back outside we photographed this extremely lively and friendly troop and then found dinner (which was our only disappointment, obviously we picked the wrong vendor). 





The Aztecs appeared randomly and danced in exhausting patterns with the pounding drum driving them on!  Costuming was elaborate and the head-dresses were extremely impressive!

The above photo is from this blog.




Here's a jaw-dropping costume we spotted in our wandering, a stunning interpretation of Death.  By the way, we looked pretty spiffy too:  Mom got lots of compliments for her lacey black parasol and we were both comfortable in our Mexican-styled tops and white skirts.  Sadly you can't see our gorgeous hair clips in these photos, with clay skulls in the centers of peacock flowers for Mom and Monarch colors for me.  












And then it grew dark and the Dead came out to dance with us!  As the sun faded below the horizon (and it got darn cool!) all the candles were lit and the lights came on and it was a whole new celebration!  



During the day we stopped to admire an ofrenda that resembled an open tomb (read the short explanation on the bottom)... 

...that now took on a whole new ambiance!  Wow!












Some folks were ready for a nap... And so we reluctantly called it a night and headed home, weaving through a sidewalk full of sausage-vendors to our bus and our motel, picking up some Ravenswood wine, cheese and an orange.  



Here's a lovely little video showing off some of the incredible sites put together by a fellow lover of the Day of the Dead!



Concludes here.