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For critters awaiting adoption, please click here. 

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Please pay with eTransfer, PayPal (free link:, money order, international bank draft or, for Canada only, by cheque.
Simply email me at woosel[at] and I'll send you an invoice with the total amount.  

There will be a charge for shipping depending on the weight and distance the critter(s) has to travel from beautiful southwestern Ontario, Canada, to you.  (The average is about $15.00 for North America.)  Please e-mail me so that we can exchange addresses and calculate the exact shipping charge.  

All customs duties, etc... are the adoptor's responsibility.

Please do not hesitate to e-mail me at woosel[at] for an exact total. 


When you adopt any of my critters, they're shipped to you in comfort and safety!  This is Asha on the way to her new home;  depending on the size and fragility of the animal, the presentation box (whether plastic or cardboard) is then wrapped in plastic and placed in another shipping box.  


QuinGryphon.JPG (35086 bytes)

While I hope the prices on this page and the information on this site are accurate, errors can happen.  Suffice it to say, all prices are subject to change without notice.

For critters awaiting adoption, please click here.  Special orders are not being taken at this time, sorry.  

Each animal is unique.  Therefore, if for any reason you are unhappy with your newly adopted critter, you can return him or her in mint condition within 15 days for a full refund (excluding the shipping charges, of course).

Finally, please note that all photographic images on this website are the property of Karen Waschinski and no image may be used without the express written consent of Karen Waschinski.

What's with the "[at]"?  In order to reduce the amount of junk mail received, this symbol is becoming the standard replacement for the "@".  To send email, simply copy and paste the address woosel[at] into your email program and replace the "[at]' with "@".  


~~Orders/Adoption Price List~~

14" synthetic bears  $140.00US
12" synthetic bears  $130.00US

12" mohair bears  $150.00US
9"  mohair bears  $128.00US

Dressed Ladies  $240.00US and up depending on detail/outfit
    Belly Dancers  $260.00US
    French Maids   $270.00US
    Biker Babes     $270.00US and up depending on tattoos    
    Mer-Bears     $260.00US

2" Mini Hedgehogs          $23.00US
4.5" poseable Hedgehogs    $59.00US
Poseable 7" Hedgehogs    $289.00US

Souriris/Flying mouse mother with 3 babies in a nest (tree not included)  $220.00US

Flying bunnies $160.00US

Dragons  $380.00US and up depending on complexity

Rats   $265.00US
Bratbies (Rats in Barbie-sized dresses)  $284.00US and up, depending on complexity

Water Horse/Seahorse  $256.00US

Unicorns  $310.00US

White Swans   $164.00US
Black Swans   $153.00US
Yearling Swans (Black or White)  $123.00US
Cygnets (Grey or White)        $68.00US

Woosels  $140.00US and up depending on the fur

Living Stoles  $75.00US


Goblins  $342.00US and up, depending on difficulty
Goblin Head brooches  $24.00US

Bat Head brooches  $30.00US with $4.00 going to Salthaven Wildlife Rehabilitation & Education Centre


For critters awaiting adoption, please click here. 



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