...the Spider- Adorned "Femme Fatale"


Ana-Rachnid was created in a distressed pale tan German mohair with tanned ultrasuede paw and foot pads.  She has green-gold eyes framed with black eyelashes, a hand-stitched hazelnut brown embroidery floss nose, red embroidery floss lips and silver claws.  Her inner ears are hand-painted and her spiky blond hair has tufts of black synthetic and mohair fibers.  Her eight spider tattoos were all hand-stitched in multiple colors.  Entirely wired and jointed, Ana can contort to many poses and she stands at about 15 inches.  Her thigh high leather boots allow her to stand very well on her own.  (Unfortunately, to fit the boots, her feet are small and under-stuffed,)  She's stuffed with polyester fiberfil and glass beads. 

Ana-Rachnid's risqué costume is all black, all synthetic leather and vinyl.  The boots are Monique and zipper up on the inner thigh.  Her torso is incased in a 9-piece hand-stitched corset, laced at the back and held in place by three silver tone chains attached to a wide pointed collar.  A separate spider-web cut collar with a front silver twist closure frames her hair.  She also sports lace-up hot pants and arm braces that end in points at her wrists.  

A belly-button ring with a silver chain and 5 sparkling facial piercings go along with her three pairs of ear piercings, including dangling, "crystal" studded spiders and her loop tail piercing.  


(with $40 going to Bat Conservation International)

or as Ana-Fae, the green faery...$300.00US


How did Ana become Ana-Rachnid?  Read her whole wild, crazy, tattoo-phobia inspired story
(in true Hallowe'en horror fashion!)
and see all of her eight spider tattoos by clicking here.




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