Caviara the Catfish

Caviara fancies herself a catfish with her mermaid like costume and love of all things aquatic!



She's a calico cat created in three different colors of German mohair: rusty red, milky white and a lemony tan, with a long deep brown wig.  Her watery green safety lock eyes are framed by long black eyelashes, her nose is hand-sculpted Fimo with pink embroidery floss lips and her whiskers are blue wire.  Ultrasuede cream paw pads show off her beautiful multi-tone embroidery floss "claws".  Entirely wired and jointed, Caviara stands about 14 inches.  She's stuffed with polyester fiberfil.

Caviara-skirt.jpg (246115 bytes)

Of course she has a belly-button ring with a silvery fish skeleton, and her tail has a wee piercing: an anchor!










As a catfish, Caviara's costume begins with a black fish net with seashells at her neck, breasts and scattered over her hips. A skirt of many textured and colored green and blue ribbons includes some seaweed branches. Her waist-cincher is a multitude of green beads. An armband of shells and glittering purple beads matches her paper maché crown of shimmering purples, blues and greens.

fish-tattoo.jpg (155586 bytes)

Caviara-bare.jpg (122432 bytes)

Here's an image of Caviara before she put on her costume.


She has two hand-embroidered tattoos: a multi-colored fish (above, on the back of her calf) and a smiling orange fish skeleton (below, on the inside of her wrist and forearm). 

Look closely and you'll see the tiny fins sprouting on Caviara's fore-arms! She really is becoming a catfish!

While Caviara is meant to be played with, she is not a toy and is not intended for children.




Caviara ... available, $260.00US


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