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Miranda's Sad Story...

Well, Miranda was devastated by the fact that no-body looked at her at the Teddy Bear Artist Invitational.  No-body.  Everyone was looking at the rats, adopting the hedgehogs and oo-ing and ah-ing over Lilli Bratbie.  So once we got home, she whispered to me to come away from the others and cried, telling me how miserable she felt.  "Well," I said, "would you like a glittery blue gown like Lilli's?"  "No," she replied, sniffling.  "Would you like a different nose?" I asked.  "No," she answered, "IMirandab-side.jpg (90310 bytes) like my nose."  "Well, then what would you like?"  She looked me in the eyes and replied, very firmly,"Cleavage!"


So, for perhaps the first time in Teddy history, a bear went in for breast augmentation surgery!  Yup, she tested them out for a few days before I permanently sewed them in place et voila!   A new silhouette!


Miranda was created in European white mohair, with white ultrasuede paw pads, pink hand-sculpted Fimo nose, blue glass eyes, embroidery floss mouth and fingers, topped with a long, straight, black wig and eyelashes. She stands about 13 1/2" tall, she's jointed and fully wired with a Flexlimb spine and she’s stuffed with polyester fiberfil and glass beads. 

In these pictures, she's dressed in a black ultrasuede bodice with purple ribbon inlay and lacings down the back, black skirt with yellow rose accents, silky brown ribbon sash, black ribbon choker with silver and purple jeweled pendant, purple teardrop and bead earrings and a bead ring. Topping it all off is a gorgeous hat created by Canadian artist Darlene Broderick.


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On her left shoulder blade, Miranda has an elegant tattoo of a black swan.







In addition to her new additions, she also acquired a black lace bra that shows elegantly over her bodice!  And a vinyl thong.

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While Miranda is meant to be played with, she is not a toy and is not intended for children.








To keep her new figure, she's taken up bellydancing!
























To attend FaeryFest, she put on some shimmering blue wings and a black flower-petal outfit, complete with black butterfly.  


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Miranda, choose one costume ... available, $250.00US


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