The Goblins

There are 2 kinds:

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This is Gröeg. What can I say?  It’s very rare to find a goblin that isn’t camera-shy!  Preferring to live in dark and deep forests, this type of goblin can also be found in closets and under beds.  Of course, he’s one-of-a-kind, but I do know of other goblins that are losing their homes to industrialization and pollution.  I have to warn you, though: taking a goblin into your home is no small thing!  They’re temperamental, grumbly and shiny, sparkly things will tend to mysteriously disappear!  Each goblin is unique, but they do have some common characteristics: they stand about 15 inches tall and are made of long, shaggy synthetic furs with upholstery fabric hands, feet and face.  They have skeletons so their arms, hands and tails are poseable and they have leather claws and a wooden horn.  Their faces are constructed of many layers of fabric, some paint, glass-droppings for eyes and lots of patience!  For balance, their feet are filled with pellets while their bodies are stuffed with polyester fiberfill.  These creatures are fragile, they are not meant for children.



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