The Pied Piper's Retirement Party

What would happen if the Pied Piper retired?  Well, the rats would p-a-r-t-y!!  

And what if they assisted in his "retirement", say by breaking his pipe?  Well, I managed to capture these happy rats on film and here are three pictures for you to enjoy:

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PiedPRPoutside.JPG (70579 bytes)

*One of a kind*

The scene consists of three soft-sculpture rats celebrating the “retirement” of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Erected over a large (20 inches across), flat, wicker tray, an overhead banner announces the event.  In the foreground lies the broken reed pipe wrapped in yellow and red ribbons, the Pied Piper’s colors.  Tiny musical notes lie still on the ground.  Excerpts from Robert Browning’s famous poem lie scattered about, chewed and crumbled (except for the part about the rats, of course!). Corks, an empty bottle of French wine and three now empty, chipped wine glasses are nestled in curling grape vines while three drunk, skinny rats lick up the last sweet drops.

PiedPRPwhite.JPG (39350 bytes)PiedPRPbrown.JPG (36144 bytes)

The two gray females, Pandora and Pamina, were created in a salt-and-pepper string mohair while the male, Drake, is in a deep brown European synthetic.  With handpainted ultrasuede ears, they have safety-lock eyes, upholstery fabric inner mouths, tails and paws.  Their teeth are wood with handsome, stiff black whiskers and hand-stitched noses, while their paws are hand-stitched with Fimo claws.  Their 13-inch long bodies (8 inches excluding the tails) are completely wired for full poseability and they are stuffed with polyester fiberfill, glass beads and lots of love! The females are crowned with circlets of dried grass and flowers.

*While Pandora (with the dark lashes) has moved on, a new rat can be created to complete the trio.*


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