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Muppet is a "living stole".  That's because he's alive, like all soft sculpture, and because no poor animal had to die to create this lovely fashion accessory!  Whether your look is avant garde, high fashion, steampunk or retro, these stoles are the finishing touch!

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Be warned:  living stoles will talk your ear off, if you let them.  Also, they will growl at people who are unkind to you and there have been reports ofmuppet-side.jpg (65614 bytes)muppet-tail.jpg (231536 bytes) biting (unproven, of course).  As for sweet, little Muppet, who wouldn't fall for that innocent look?  (Never mind the teeth!)





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Here's Kenny, a longer version at 42 inches. 


Living stoles are about 33 to 42 inches long.  They are created in various super-soft synthetics with safety lock eyes, hand embroidered noses and sometimes teeth.

Their mouths open and close by way of utility clamps hidden in their heads.  To make your stole hold onto his own tail, simply press firmly on the clamp “handles” located at the base of his skull.  Release to let the mouth close.









Their heads are very lightly stuffed with polyester fiberfil and while they are meant to be worn they are not meant for young children.


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Here's Kenny and Silver, sweet fangless boys that are both 42 inches in length.  Kenny is the lovely flecked brown fellow, while Silver is a very minky silvery grey. They both have white chins and pink upholstery fabric mouths.

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Living Stoles Kenny and Silver ... adopted


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