Miranda the Dark Faery


Miranda... you may catch a fleeting glimpse of this faery in your garden, her moon-white fur glistening.


Miranda was created in European white mohair, with white ultrasuede paw pads, pink hand-sculpted Fimo nose, blue glass eyes, embroidery floss mouth and fingers, topped with a long, straight, black wig and eyelashes. She stands about 13 1/2" tall, she's jointed and fully wired with a Flexlimb spine and she’s stuffed with polyester fiberfil and glass beads. 

She has shimmering blue wings and a black flower-petal outfit, complete with black butterfly.  A purple teardrop pendant, bead earrings and a bead ring adorn her.

On her left shoulder blade, Miranda has an elegant tattoo of a black swan.

Miranda the Dark Faery   $260.00US


















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