The Water Dragon, Pool




Pool is at home both in water and on land.  In rivers and small lakes, she uses her wings like a flying fish, while on land her tail propels her forward like a snake while her well-developed forelegs and claws do an equally effective job in either element.  Pool feasts on small fish, frogs and small land animals, but she can also be contented with hotdogs and leftover salmon steaks.  (Like most fire-breathers, she likesPoolhead.jpg (94121 bytes) her food cooked, preferably BBQ-ed!)

Pool's body is a blue upholstery fabric while her tummy is a darker blue silk-like fabric.  The wings are two layers of sheer organza with red wiring, the same fabric that makes up her tail fin, ears and gills.  The claws are shell, with eyelash yarn at her heels and elbows, and a ridge of yarn along her lower tummy and tail.  Everything is wired including her feet right down to her toes!Poolfeet.jpg (106029 bytes)

Even her ears and jaw are wired so she can express herself in many ways.  Her teeth are Fimo while her eyes are glow-in-the-dark Fimo (which actually does but just a little!).  Her tongue, inner mouth and nostrils are ultrasuede.  Her head is bejewelled with shimmering beads.

Overall, she's about 38 inches long, with her head being about 3½ inches and she stands roughly 6 inches tall at the shoulders. She’s stuffed with polyester fibrefil, glass beads and cotton batting.

Pool's "fire" is made of feathers and various beads.  It is inserted in her mouth and down her throat and is of course removable.  (Please note that to insert the fire, her neck needs to be straight.)

While Pool is meant to be played with, she is not a toy and is not intended for children.

Pool.jpg (192948 bytes)

Pool the Water Dragon ... $380.00US  **adopted**


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